Craps rules – learn and enjoy the game

Craps is a very enjoyable and exciting game that is also very simple and easy to understand. For each crap table with two dice, four to six players can play. In the game there is a shooter who throws the dice. The shooter then will start by throwing the dice which will be the “point”. The players then will bet on whether the shooter can actually repeat the “point” before rolling a 7. The series of establishing a point and repeating it is called a round. Each round then starts with establishing the “point”, which is called “come out” roll. A pair of dice can have different totals but only totals of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 can be established as “points”. Now, 2, called snake eyes, 3, called cross eyed and 12, called box cars, are all considered craps. Totals of 7 or 11 are called natural. If natural comes out during the come out, then the round ends.

Craps Casino Rules | Thelucideffect.comOnce the point is established with a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 the shooter then will continue throwing the dice until the end of the round, either by point is again rolled or a total of 7 is rolled. But before the end of the round, the shooter may have any number of throws. Now if 7 comes before the point, the dice is then passed to another player. This is called the shooter sevens out and it means a start of the next round. However, if the shooter got the point, he can then choose to keep rolling the dice for the next round. Then if the shooter rolls crap out or rolls craps on the come out roll, he will pass the dice to the next player. Now coming up with a natural on come out allows the shooter to keep the dice for the next come out.

Different bets can be made for any of the throw. Some bets are allowed to stay on the table for the entire round while some are just for single throw. Similarly, some bets are against specific results while some are for conditional. For beginners, the best thing is to start with a Pass Line on Come out roll. A 7 or 11 pays 1 to 1. If point is established, it will pay 1 to1 if it is repeated before 7.

The craps table has four main characters: the two dealers, the box man and the stickman. The dealers are the ones who pay the winners and remove the chips of the losers on the table. The box man is the one who controls the roll of the dice while the stickman is the one who keeps control of the speed of the game.