Basic strategy rules

Have you ever heard stories of gamers entering world famous casinos – placing a few wagers at the roulette table and walking away with huge payouts, while only starting out with a small bank roll? The chances are you have, because roulette is famous for its streaks of lucky wins.

For example, you could place a 1.00 wager on your ‘lucky number’, let’s say number 22 – and if it wins you’d get a return of 36.00. Now, imagine if you then decided to lower your risk, by playing-up your bank on a ‘higher strike’ wager – such as a winning 36.00 Dozen Wager, paying out 2:1, leaving you with a stash of over 100.00! Then, to lower the risk even more, you may place 100.00 on even money Red/Black, meaning your original 1.00 would now be worth over 200.00!

  • Odd, Even, Red, Black, 1-18, 19-36: 1:1
  • to 12, 13-24, 25-36: 2:1
  • numbers: 5:1
  • 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 combos: 6:1
  • 4 number combs: 8:1
  • 3 number combos: 11:1
  • 2 number combos: 17:1
  • 1 number: 35:1

While every roulette spin contains elements of luck – gaming with a mindset like the one above also contains some simple logic. For instance – there is no way (unless you’re a psychic) to regularly win strings of single number roulette wins – and although it has been done to deliver out of this world payouts, it’s likely to result in defeat. In contrast, anyone can predict dozen bets and even money wagers with regularity. So – simply put – even if you play roulette with pure luck, you can still use logic!

Roulette systems

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Unlike games such as blackjack and video poker – it’s debatable whether there are any professional roulette skills. However, there are most certainly many ‘roulette systems’, which can be used to try and beat the table, by manipulating the odds and betting at specific times. The Martingale System remains the most widely used roulette strategy by casual online gamers – a system that can deliver instant rewards, but also elements of risk:

  • Bet on red/black or odds/evens with 1 credit
  • If you guess correctly, you’ve won (quit the chain/re-start)
  • If you lose, re-spin with the same selection (but double your bet)
  • Continue doubling-up your spin value until your selection wins

System Rewards

Roulette cycles that use progressive betting strategies, generally deliver a profit of 1 credit per winning wager. Although this doesn’t sound very impressive, if you play high speed roulette for 1 hour, you can yield cool profit levels – which can theoretically be replicated on a regular basis. The strategic power of roulette systems is statistically sound, because the ‘theoretical probability’ of not winning is low.

System Risks

While roulette systems are statistically proven, in reality they do contain a risk of losing. What’s more, the progressive nature of the strategies mean you may reach the point where the risk is too high to continue – and you must cut your losses. It’s vital to game with a low credit size, and know your limit (such as 6 spins and quit/re-start). Many people gain success using roulette systems, but they all know how to manage their bank roll and aim for ‘long term’ success. Always skim your winnings regularly and don’t get greedy!