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Roulette is a fast and furious casino classic – and anyone can enjoy the latest 3D online reels without any learning-curve. However, what about hitting roulette like a Vegas pro, with the strategic power that boost the fun and sophistication, and could have the power to secure some serious profits? Check out the Dozen Bet Roulette Strategy to put the game’s strategic power to the test

Basic steps for the Dozen Bet Online Roulette System

The Dozen Bet Online Roulette System |

First up – this isn’t a ‘rush and play’ roulette strategy! Instead, it teaches you how to have eyes like a hawk and literally only start feeding off the table when the time is right to go for the kill. The only technical knowledge needed is to understand what we mean by the low, middle and high dozen roulette table sections.

  • Low: (1-12)
  • Middle: (13-24)
  • High: (25-36)

he next step is to start spinning the roulette reel. If you can’t bet without making a wager, then place 1 credit bets on red and black to create a ‘no win no lose’ wager. Then, start writing down the spin results in terms of L, M and H, such as LLMHLMH. To trigger the system, you need to find a run of 5 roulette spins where either L, M or H does not win, for example: LLLHH (meaning M is the selection to bet on). Once you have located a qualifying roulette bet, implement the following progressive betting chain (stop at a winner and re-start the analysis)

Bet number Credit value
1 1
2 2
3 3
3 3
4 4
5 6
6 9
7 13
8 20
9 30
10 45
11 67

The statistical strike rate of the Dozen Roulette System is predicted to be around 99.8%. Naturally, no system is ever guaranteed and you still have a chance of it failing to work – and every long-term roulette system user is likely to hit volatile sessions where they are forced to accept a loss. Consequently, always use any roulette systems with care and pro level discipline:

  • Wager cash you can afford to lose when playing with roulette systems
  • Use a sensible credit value
  • Always know your maximum liability/risk
  • Skim your winnings after successful roulette cycles and get gaming for free
  • Try roulette systems with free bonus cash from online casinos

Thousands of online roulette players claim to get regular payouts by playing strategically, so snap up bonus cash and see if you like the buzz and rewards of Vegas style gaming. Also, I advise you to read tutorial How to Win at Online Roulette at Google Books.