What is roulette systems?

Roulette systems are a method of trying to legally ‘cheat’ the odds of the table – and secure a high strike rate of winning wagers, every time you play. However, while thousands of gamers love using roulette systems, other prefer to avoid them. Checkout the arguments from both sides of the roulette table………

Should you use roulette systems?


Online casino gaming is serious fun, but for casual gamers getting a real edge over the house can be tough and takes dedication to develop effective skill. In contrast, roulette systems are extremely easy to implement, and potentially deliver fast, frequent wins. Although the systems may contain elements of risk, the impact of losing can be minimized by playing-smart……

  • Play with a low-risk budget and focus on fun to limit your risk
  • Use a low coin size for lower liability
  • Scoop your cash after successful roulette sessions
  • Set stop-loss limits and sensible profit aims
  • Keep a cool head!

Ultimately, you can play strategic roulette based on fun – but with the goal of making a modest profit from your gaming. Win or lose – using roulette strategies can deliver a classy challenge and hours of low cost entertainment.


Should You Use Roulette Systems | Thelucideffect.comRoulette system opponents suggest that while roulette systems can deliver fast wins – gamers often hit big losing cycles that blow their profits. In essence, this point does have some validity – which is exactly why you need to play-smart with the tips above. Using roulette systems is a risk for reward concept – and that means both advocates of the systems and their detractors have some valid points. However, using the systems sensibly and with the knowledge that you can both win and lose – makes them a safe, exciting and potentially profitable leisure pursuit.

Roulette systems

Martingale roulette system
The roulette gaming classic, for the definitive risk versus reward challenge. It’s the closest thing in the casino to flipping coins……
Spin the reel with 1 credit on red/black

  1. Bet wins > Re-bet with 2 credits
  2. Bet loses > Quit the cycle

Set a max losing bet number, and double-bet after every losing wager

Dozen roulette strategy
The roulette connoisseur’s favorite gaming system, based on analyzing the table for the perfect statistical advantage:

    1. Spin for free (1 unit odds, 1 unit evens) and write down the dozen area that wins each roulette spin (low 1-12, mid 13-24, high 22-36).
    2. Locate 5 roulette plays where one of the sections has zero wins – then use progressive stakes on the identified section, until you win/quit!
Bet number Wager value
1 1
2 2
3 3
3 3
4 4
5 6
6 9
7 13
8 20
9 30
10 45
11 67